‘Big Brother 19’ Winner, Runner-Up Chat About The Unbelievable Finale

The “Big Brother” 19 season finale on Global left fans on the edge of their seats as Josh Martinez chose veteran Paul Abrahamian over ally Christmas Abbott to bring to the final two.

After a dramatically close 5-4 vote, the haircare salesman beat out the now two-time runner up, telling “Big Brother Canada” alum Ika Wong why he didn’t want to be up against his “ride or die” in the end.

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“I was underestimated the whole time. People didn’t know my game, my strategy and it worked,” he boasted. “Me and Paul pissed off the same amount of people in the house. Christmas did everything literally with kindness. She killed everybody with kindness. She put people on the block and I thought she was handing THEM $500,000. I’m like, ‘I can’t sit next to her cause she’s so liked.'”

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Ultimately, the jury leaned toward Martinez, with many houseguests feeling they were two-timed by Abrahamian.

“He made fun of us all behind our back[s] and when it comes down to it, these are the people that are voting for you,” said Alex Ow. “He didn’t have to do the things that he did. He went unnecessarily hard and he was bitter himself. He was mean to people when he didn’t need to be – when he’s the one preaching friendship!”

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Conversely, Abrahamian summed up the vote as the result of a bitter jury.

“If you come on ‘Big Brother’ because you all claim to be superfans and love the show and love gameplay, and you’re just gonna vote a certain way because you lost, or because your feelings were hurt about losing, I don’t know what people expected me to do,” he lamented.

For more with Ika and the “Big Brother” houseguests, watch the video below!



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