Jay-Z Pays Tribute To The Late Chester Bennington With ‘Numb/Encore’ Performance

Jay-Z honoured his late friend and collaborator Chester Bennington with a performance of their song “Numb/Encore” during a BBC radio appearance where he also spoke about mental health issues.

“Hopefully his death serves as a wake-up call,” Jay-Z said on Friday on BBC’s “Live Lounge”. “Mental health is a real thing. You never know what people are going through, and you think because they’re performers and he sold 14 million records – that doesn’t equate to happiness. Money or fame doesn’t mean anything if you’re not happy inside.”

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He continued, adding, “A lot of people we go and we don’t deal with what’s happening to us. Especially for a performer like that. You just start numbing yourself. You become numb…You just go and get bigger audiences, things like that, and move further away from yourself. It’s tragic. I knew him well, really nice person.”

He performed a pair of songs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Live Lounge”, including “Numb/Encore” which he sang for the first time since Bennington’s death in July.

“That felt really special to me,” he remarks after the performance. “That’s the first time I’ve performed that song after Chester passed away, which is super tragic,” adding that his death was made even more tragic because he left six children behind.

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Jay-Z was joined by a choir during a performance of “Family Feud” off his “4:44” album.




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