White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is known for getting creative with the truth (let’s not forget that she coined the term “alternative facts” to describe what most people would describe as “lies”), and Conway received some comeuppance in the latest episode of Netflix’s “Chelsea”.

In this outrageous clip, host Chelsea Handler welcomes Conway — actually a young girl impersonating her, although this pint-sized version is no less combative than the real deal.

“You look so much shorter in person,” Handler jokes to Conway’s mini-me.

“You look a lot older in person,” fires back the kid.

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The “Chelsea” bit also puts a hilarious spin on Conway’s notorious use of flash cards to attempt to deflect from the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government, with the faux Kellyanne displaying her own flash cards specially tailored to Handler, including one that reads: “Your show is ‘snoozy’ because you’re so ‘boozy.’”

Handler doesn’t hold back from asking tough questions, including this gem: “Like, when this administration goes down and he finally gets impeached, your boss, what are you gonna do, what’s your game plan?”

Responds Little Kellyanne, adorably: “Prison… or maybe a show on Netflix.”