Marc Anthony believes the U.S. President should focus less on the NFL protests and more on suffering U.S. citizens.

The “You Sang to Me” singer told Donald Trump to stop yapping about NFL players taking a knee in protest.

Anthony, 49, tweeted that Trump should be more concerned with the status of Puerto Rico following two devastating hurricanes: Irma and Maria.

“Mr. President shut the f**k up about NFL,” Anthony tweeted. “Do something about our people in need in . We are American citizens too.”

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Puerto Rico has been devastated by the two hurricanes. Maria, in particular, registered as a Category Four storm and left the Caribbean island without electricity and running water. The destructive natural force left at least 16 people dead, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Anthony’s comments are a response to Trump’s series of tweets demanding NFL players stop kneeling during the U.S. national anthem or be fired.

Trump, 71, has mentioned the NFL protests at least 15 times since Friday. The U.S. President addressed the status of Puerto Rico shortly after Anthony’s tweet, explaining how the American territory “is in deep trouble.”

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Singer John Legend took offence with Trump’s tweet, accusing the President of taking a shot at Puerto Rico when pointing out its “broken infrastructure and massive debt.” Legend tweeted that Trump “insults Puerto Rico while they’re going through a terrible humanitarian crisis.”

“Hamilton” writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is mostly of Puerto Rican descent, also addressed the U.S. President’s Twitter action.

Anthony has teamed up with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez and her current boyfriend Alex Rodriguez to raise money for those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico.