Fans of the Global series “Kevin Can Wait” have been taking the departure of Erinn Hayes from the show after the first season pretty hard, and both Hayes and newly minted cast member Leah Remini have taken notice.

The news that Hayes would not be coming back for season 2 of the Kevin James-starring TV comedy broke earlier this year, with the surprising details that Remini would be joining the series and the plot would be jumping forward in time, skipping over the death of Hayes’ character.

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At the time, Hayes tweeted a simple and sweet message to her fans.

But after the second season premiere Monday night, fans were buzzing about Hayes’ departure all over again, especially since the show only addressed the character’s death in a throwaway joke about her still-standing gym membership, and a coupon for kung fu lessons.

It turns out Hayes saw a lot of those tweets, and took the time to hit the like button on many of them.

The night before the premiere, Hayes actually responded to a tweet she was tagged in by a user saying Remini would be funnier on the show.

That said, Hayes clearly doesn’t have any personal issues with Remini, considering she also liked this tweet by the actress:

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Remini got into the Twitter fray with another response to a “Kevin Can Wait” fan clearly upset over Hayes being written out of the show.

And for everyone worried about Hayes’ future, they can rest easy knowing the actress will be starring in the new Amazon series “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, produced by Bryan Cranston and Greg Mottola.

And tune in to “Kevin Can Wait” Mondays at 9 ET/PT on Global.