In a personal column for The Hollywood Reporter, Lin-Manuel Miranda is asking for your help to support Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria’s destruction.

Miranda writes about his family suffering in Puerto Rico: “My cousin Daniela is studying to be a veterinarian. Her parents’ home in the hills of Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, is like a tiny animal sanctuary — two goats, some cats, several bunnies and birds, nine dogs (!) and a couple of horses,” he wrote. “Her older sister Camila has been studying for the MCAT exam — she wants to be a doctor. Across the street is my Aunt Yamilla’s home, formerly the home of my grandparents, where my sister and I spent every summer as children. I remember when my grandfather Guisin was building it — at last, moving up to the peaceful hill after a life in town.”

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He continues: “As Maria roared toward the island, my family in Puerto Rico braced for impact. They knew Abuelos Guisin’s wooden dream home — where I worked on new musicals during summer breaks from college — could not possibly withstand a major hurricane. For a time, my uncle’s concrete home across the street became Noah’s Ark, as my family sought refuge there, along with Daniela’s animal menagerie. In addition to the animals, my family quickly gathered the things that can’t be replaced: family photos and mementos coloured with memories of generations of Mirandas.”

After describing the damage to his family’s home, Miranda pleaded for readers to support The Hispanic Federation in any way they can.

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The fundraiser is already underway and will donate 100 per cent of the proceeds directly to hurricane relief.

Read Miranda’s full column here.