Mel Gibson Makes A Surprise Appearance At ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Premiere

The original “Mad Max”; shocked fans, and Tom Hardy when he appeared at the “Fury Road”; Premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 7. Especially considering he had no involvement in the reboot.

Mel Gibson may have had some… not-so-positive public stunts in the past, but despite all that, his fans still managed to give him a roaring welcome.

“Mel was on fine form,”; a premiere attendee told US Weekly. “Slapping backs, hugging people, laughing and generally looking thrilled to be there.”;

The actor even got a chance to catch up with George Miller, the creator of the films. The Australian director just finished directing the reboot film, and also directed the original 1979 movie starring Mel.

It looked like everyone, including the new leading man, was pretty stoked to see the Hollywood star. However, Tom does admit that he was nervous to be filling in Mel’s shoes.

“It’s great to have Mel here,”; Tom said. “I didn’t expect him to come. When I got the part, it was good, but suddenly it struck me, ‘Oh sh*t, everybody loves Mel. And I’m the new kid, and they’re going to hate me. So I suck already and I haven’t even started.'”;

He adds, “George created Mad Max with Mel, [he’s] synonymous [with the role]. I’ve just inherited the legacy. And it’s my job just to turn up and do as he asks. I’m a different person to Mel. But at the end of the day, it’s George’s further development of his imagination with this character.”;

“Mad Max: Fury Road”; will hit theatres in Canada on May 15.

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