Marriage is looking good on him!George Clooney, the one-time quintessential bachelor, seems to have transitioned nicely into married life.

“It’s been pretty great. I’m very lucky, and I’m very happy and we have a really fun time,”; he tells ET Canada’s Sangita Patel about his wife, human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney. “I’m very proud of the things that she does in the world and who she is, and she has a wonderful family and friends. It’s been a really exciting, fun time.”;

“Fun”; for George usually means pulling pranks on people, but he says his wife is off-limits.

“Listen, she’s a lawyer,”; he jokes. “I can get in trouble. She can do anything to me. I could be behind bars.”;

He’s a smart man! He’s also a really busy one. He’s just wrapped shooting a Coen Brothers film and he’s promoting Tomorrowland, which opens in theatres May 22. The sci-fi adventure is a family-friendly film, so what better time to ask him about the possibility of having children?

But this is George. He’s smart and quick-witted. You can’t just come right out and ask him, so Sangita gets a little crafty with phrasing the question…

“In the future when you have kids will you let them see this film?”; Sangita asks.

“It was nice how (you) did that,”; George says laughing off the question.

Mission unaccomplished.

“That was good,”; George adds. “You didn’t even take a slow turn, you went right into it.”;

Hey- he didn’t rule out the whole kid thing! Nice one, Sangita!

You can catch Sangita’s sitdown interview with George Clooney on Monday, May 11 on ET Canada!