Ellen Page came out as gay in 2014, but was still in the closet when she starred in her breakthrough role as a pregnant teen in 2007’s “Juno”.

In a recent interview with Bustle, Page is asked to address a joke in the movie that, in retrospect, could easily be described as homophobic, when her character rejects the baby name “Madison” because it sounds “a little gay.”

In hindsight, the 30-year-old native of Nova Scotia admits that it was something she didn’t pick up on during filming.

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“It wasn’t something I totally registered at the time, but, of course, now that I’m older I do,” she tells Bustle. “So many movies I loved as a kid are just rampant with homophobia and transphobia and biphobia, and I’m not excusing it by any means.”

In fact, during a recent table read of the “Juno” script to benefit Planned Parenthood, reveals Bustle, Page refused to say the line.

While she admits that mainstream acceptance of homosexuality in Hollywood has progressed significantly in the decade since “Juno” was released, she admits there’s still much road to travel.

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“There’s always that conversation that it’s changing, but sometimes I’m like ‘is it?’ I think Hollywood can love to think of itself as the most progressive force, but… it’s not always that way,” she explains, blaming Hollywood studios for a reluctance to take risks.

“I think the holdup is fear,” says Page. “They want to make money. And there’s a lack of people [of colour] hired in every single aspect of the film industry. It really hurts the industry and it really hurts film. We need more stories. We need more representation. We need more points of view.”