Liam Gallagher Puts Aside Long-Running Feud With Idris Elba

Liam Gallagher is an artist known as much for his epic feuds as he is for his music, but now he’s put at least one of those feuds to rest.

In 2013, the former Oasis frontman had a major falling out with actor Idris Elba at the NME Awards.

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The two had an altercation over Elba’s wooly hat, which Gallagher grabbed off him.

Elba blamed Gallagher for the incident, telling the Guardian, “I guess he just took against it. He must have thought it looked silly, because he tried to grab it.”

“F*** that idiot,” he later said of Gallagher.

Gallagher, meanwhile, maintained the incident was Elba’s fault. “He messed my f***ing hair up so I pulled his hat off and booted it across the room and that’s it.” Adding, “I don’t give a f*** who he is. You don’t touch a man’s haircut.”

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But it seems a meeting on “The Graham Norton Show”, where Gallagher was performing, has ended the feud, with the singer tweeting that he “applauds” Elba, calling him “a big man.”

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