Kevin O’Leary’s Big Dream: To Buy An NFL Team And Bring It To Toronto

If Shark Tank“s Kevin O’Leary has his way, Canadian football fans will soon be cheering on the nation’s first NFL team, based in Toronto.

As the former Dragons’ Den star tells TMZ, Toronto would be the perfect home for an NFL team. “Toronto is bigger than Chicago” when it comes to football, he says.

“We tried to bring the Buffalo Bills to Canada,” O’Leary tells TMZ. “That was a very interesting opportunity because, people don’t realize, the fourth-largest market in North America is actually Toronto. If any team does it in Toronto, it’s gonna make money. The most profitable hockey team in the world is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and they never win anything!”

In fact, O’Leary points out that one should look at population, not borders, when considering the purchase of a sports team. “You know, I don’t think of North America anymore as Canada, the United States or Mexico,”; he says. “Where are the largest populations? That’s where you should put teams.”

O’Leary adds that he would “absolutely” would love to buy a football team, but he’d only do it alongside some deep-pocketed partners. “To me, that’s what I’d love to own, [but] pretty much nobody has the money to do that anymore. They’re so expensive. I’d love to be part of a syndicate, because that’s a huge ticket. Would I like to go to my own team every Sunday? Of course I would!”

Watch his interview with TMZ:


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