Tegan And Sara Rave Over Ryan Adams Cover Of ‘Back In Your Head’

Tegan and Sara have a long, successful relationship with rock star Ryan Adams.

The Canadian twin sisters recently sat down for a chat with Zane Lowe on “Beats 1” and discussed Adam’s cover of their song “Back in Your Head”. 

For Sara, Adam’s cover of the song meant a lot more than you might think. “For me, there’s something incredibly poignant about Ryan Adams covering a song as well because back in 2002, Ryan called us – actually he called me on my cellphone,” she explained.

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“He called me and asked us if we would go out and support him acoustically on his tour that he was doing and it was a massive moment for us,” Sara continued. “And not just because we admired Ryan but it was the first time that we really had been sort of acknowledged by a peer, somebody who, wasn’t being like, having their arm twisted by an agent or a manager.”

In fact, Adams has covered their music before: “He covered a song called ‘Not Tonight’ and it was the first time I’d ever heard another person sing one of our songs. And for me, being out with Ryan was- really was something that seemed obtainable.”

“So there’s something really, for me anyways, very personal about his cover of ‘Back in Your Head’ because you know,” Sara stated. “I love him and admire him and to have him sing one of our songs is really beautiful.”

The duo also talked about their upcoming album “The Con X”, a series of covers based on their 2007 album “The Con”.

Describing some of her favourites, Sara mentioned one cover in particular. “Tegan and I were on tour when we were receiving these mixes from some of our favourite artists in the world and it was surreal to sit down and listen, listen to them,” she told Lowe. “Specifically the one that jumps to- jumps in my mind is Sara Bareilles and her cover of ‘Floorplan’.”

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Other artist contributing to “The Con X” are Grimes, Chvrches, Paramore‘s Hayley Williams, Bleachers and Cyndi Lauper. 

Sara also addressed the state of LGBTQ rights in foreign countries. “The truth is when we go around the world, we see LGBTQ people suffering in ways that are sort of unimaginable to people who live in the United States or to who live in Canada or Australia or in some of the more- some of our western countries,” Sara revealed.

“I think that, you know, for us to bring both a reality and a sort of, like this is the harsh reality of what is going on,” she continued. “But then also to sort of, proactively show where things are going well and the improvements in the sort of legal battles that are being won.”

“The Con X” will be released on Oct. 20.

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