Oprah Winfrey is reflecting on the tragic shooting in Las Vegas and what it means for America.

Appearing on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Wednesday, Winfrey speaks from her heart about the shooting which took the lives of at least 59 people and injured hundreds more.

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“I feel the soul of the nation. I feel the ache that we all feel,” Winfrey says. “As the names are coming out and you get to see who they are by name, I speak their names out loud in thoughtful prayer.”

“I think this is a time for all of us to appreciate the ordinary,” she continues. “I still think about — not just on the anniversary of 9/11 — I still think about sometimes at the oddest times: when I’m putting on my shoes, when I’m taking a shower, when I’m going to pick up a robe, I think all those people that morning did the same thing. It was such an ordinary day. I think about everybody who went to that concert the other night, it was just an ordinary day and how excited everybody was to be out in the open air and be at that concert. And then they didn’t come home.”

But Winfrey also has praise for DeGeneres and her show, saying, “So it helps us too. This is a reminder to all of us to appreciate the ordinariness of our days because that’s what makes life extraordinary. And I will say, this is the best I’ve felt in the past couple of days, being able to spend time with you and come to this show.”

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Winfrey and DeGerenes also shared what it’s like to be next-door neighbours, and later they went on a hilarious trip to a local grocery store and made lunch for a very surprised fan.