Ariana Grande On Emotional Post-Manchester Tour And How Her Fans Helped Her Get Through It

Ariana Grande is opening up about the trauma of the Manchester terror attack in a new interview with Coveteur.

One of many lessons that Grande, 24, says she learned by the incident is to never take anything for granted. “I don’t think I’ve been through anything as traumatic as [what] we’ve been through,” she says in the candid interview, as she reportedly tried to hold back tears. “So…[tour] can be a lot.”

While it was extremely difficult to move forward, she says of her Dangerous Woman Tour: “Calling it off and going home was not an option. The message of the show was too important. For the crew and everyone involved, it’s become more than just a show for us. We are really grateful to be here and really grateful for this show.”

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That gratitude, she says, extends to her fans. “I am really grateful — I love what I do. One of my favourite things about it is being able to have an impact on my fans’ lives, and to be there for them — to know that what I’m creating is helping them in some way,” she says.

“Even if it’s just making them feel empowered when they’re getting ready in the morning, helping them through a heartbreak, or finding something they love about themselves,” she adds. “I think about them with everything I create. They’ve definitely been my inspiration this whole time on this tour, [they] keep it going. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without their love, and motivation, or inspiration.”

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In addition, Grande also speaks out against misogyny, and the importance of women supporting each other. “I think the most important thing is to have each other’s backs. When you see something or hear something that’s upsetting, or someone says something that’s upsetting, even if it’s not to you, just say something and be there and support each other. It’s a scary thing. It’s a hectic thing. It’s a very real problem,” she says.

“Misogyny is ever present, and we have to be there to support one another,” adds Grande. “That’s really it. It’s about the sisterhood. There’s no competing in that. We have to lift each other up, not try and claw each other down.”

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