Vince Chase a.k.a Adrian Grenier challenged his “Entourage” producer Marky Mark ak.a Mark Wahlberg to a ‘jean-off’ since he’s confident he can wear CK underwear… and now jeans better than him.

“Come on Mark, let’s go! I got you,” he says at a media event in Toronto this week.

Challenge is on boys.

The smack talk started yesterday, when Grenier was in Toronto at The Bay for the launch of his campaign with Buffalo Jeans. He had an entourage of fans lined up waiting to take pictures with him.

This is Grenier’s first ever fashion campaign and he chose Buffalo Jeans because of their integration with his documentary “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale”.

“For me, it’s important not only to present really great style and really great clothes, but also to do more than just fashion. It’s skin deep in a lot of ways,” he explains.

Following in the footsteps of the New York Jets quarterback Eric Decker, Ryan Lewis, and The Wanted’s Max George, Grenier says he wasn’t nervous. He says he owes it to wildlife photographer who posed alongside him, Amber Arbucci, who is also helping produce his documentary.

Besides his doc, Grenier is gearing up for the release of the “Entourage” movie set to hit theatres June 5.

The boys – Drama, Eric, Turtle, Ari, and of course Vince are back, and Grenier promises there will be no disappointments.

“For the existing fans, for those who have been a part of this ride from the beginning it’s exactly what you want. It’s everything you would expect from ‘Entourage’ and more of it – bigger, larger in scope and it’s more cinematic.”

Before the movie release, Grenier’s keeping busy with the Buffalo Jeans campaign and luckily has the support from his “Entourage” co-stars. But, of course as proud as they are, it’s their job to tease Grenier about driving by his massive La Cienega Los Angeles billboards. “I think they’d rather not see me up on those billboards looking all tight in my jeans – but you know what are they gonna do? Thats what you get!”

Speaking of tight jeans… check out the video below to find out Adrian Grenier’s perfect jean fit.

– Nicole Servinis