Brie Larson Speaks Out After Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Allegations

In the wake of the recent allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, Brie Larson took to Twitter to offer her support to the victims and share her own “uncomfortable” experiences with sexual harassment.

The Academy Award-winning actress, who is a long-time advocate for sexual assault victims and women’s rights, shared her support for the “brave survivors,” telling them it’s “not your fault”.

“As always, I stand with the brave survivors of sexual assault and harassment. It’s not your fault. I believe you,” she posted.

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Larson also detailed a personal experience of a TSA agent asking for her number after she “merely smiled” at the man.

“I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number,” Larson wrote. “To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.”

Some users were quick to criticise Larson for her tweet, with one person responding, “And asking for a number is harassment?? Imagine living as a man trying not to upset feminists…”

The 28-year-old movie star fired back, “Yes. When I’m a person going through security, and the other is an employee of said security. It’s inappropriate.”

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After the mixed responses, Larson went on to address those who reacted negatively and dismissed her concerns. “Are you up to learning something that may challenge your current view?” she asked, before posting a series of tweets detailing how people can help.

“First step: listen. I don’t need you explain why my experience is invalid. I need you to listen because I am not a liar and I have a soul,” she stated.

“Second: ask questions. If you don’t understand, believe in us enough to learn more. This can be challenging if our perspectives differ,” she continued. “Third: speak from a place of love. Remember that we are (hopefully) just trying to make the world a safer place for all.”

“Fourth: social media can broaden your world view. It can bring us together to learn. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in unexpected ways.”

Larson won her Oscar for portraying a sexual assault survivor in the 2015 movie “Room”. The actress also spoke out earlier this year after similar accusations of sexual misconduct rocked Los Angeles independent theatre Cinefamily.



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