The last time Colin Farrell and Martin McDonagh collaborated, the Irish actor won his first Golden Globe. Linking up with McDonagh once again for Seven Psychopaths, Farrell praised the uniqueness of his projects.

“I think the film’s really unique and Martin is an…incredible writer and director, really,”; he said, robed with a custom T-shirt of his co-star Christopher Walken. “The script is so magnificently individual of anything that I’ve ever read, bar the film I did with Martin before, “In Bruges.’ He has a very particular style.”;

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McDonagh, known mostly as a dark comedy playwright, has released two films prior to Psychopaths that both received high acclaim, including an Oscar for his first film, Six Shooter. He described his new film, also a dark comedy, as “like a rollercoaster of comedy and craziness and fun and darkness and exciting times.”;

In addition to praising McDonagh as writer, director, and co-producer, Farrell also shared admiring words about the film’s cast, which includes Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, and Abbie Cornish in addition to Walken, who also praised the cast but wasn’t keen on talking about the film.

“I don’t know,”; Walken replied when asked to describe what kind of psychopath he plays in the film. “I haven’t even looked up the word (“psychopath”;).”;

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Despite Walken’s reclusiveness on the red carpet, co-star Abbie Cornish professed that the set was full of pleasant vibes as she portrayed one of the film’s two female title psychopaths.

“It was kind of like any other gig,”; she said. “Someone asked me when we were in Toronto (at the film festival), “Was it like a real guys’ set?’ and it actually wasn’t, surprisingly. It was pretty cool. These are guys that are in touch with their feelings and their sensitive side…so it wasn’t…hardcore.”;

Seven Psychopaths is in theaters October 12.

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