John Mulaney is the former head writer of “Saturday Night Live” and star/creator of short-lived sitcom “Mulaney”. Nick Kroll has appeared in such TV series as “Parks and Recreation”, “The League” and his own Comedy Central series “Kroll Show”. Together, they’re the toast of the Great White Way thanks to “Oh, Hello” and their hilarious portrayals as a pair of Manhattan codgers with a bizarre fascination for tuna sandwiches in their Broadway hit.

Kroll and Mulaney can add a new entry to their CVs: sex educators!

That’s because the duo is now appearing in Kroll’s “Big Mouth”, a new animated Netflix comedy dealing with kids encountering puberty, and in a new video courtesy of Buzzfeed they answer questions from youngsters about what to expect when puberty hits.

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One kid, for example, wants to know what “french kissing” is. While Mulaney offers an actual answer involving kissing using tongues, Kroll jokes he thought it was “when you kiss with cigarette breath.”

The kids don’t hold back as they ask the tough questions, including: “Why do I get hair on my butt?”

Kroll’s quirky response: “I think I get hair on my butt because I did a ’23 and Me’ and it turns out I’m 17 per cent Chia pet.”

You can check out more hilarity in the video above.

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