Frances Bean Cobain Writes Of Near-Death Experience When Airplane Engine Caught Fire: ‘Came To Grips With My Own Mortality’

Sometimes we have to face death in order to truly appreciate life.

That’s where Frances Bean Cobain finds herself after a frightening experience aboard a flight from Paris to Los Angeles in which a jet engine caught fire mid-flight, forcing the daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole singer Courtney Love to confront her own mortality.

“I’ve avoided talking about this because telling strangers struck me as a fruitless endeavour,” Cobain, 25, wrote in an Instagram post. “But enough time has gone by to where I’ve sat with what this experience should mean on the grand scale of living my day to day life.”

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She continued: “So here it goes: A week ago on September 30th I boarded Air France flight A380 (the irony being I changed my previously booked flight to this one that very day, so I could get home earlier.) This would act as the moment that would alter everything I thought I knew. I have woken up everyday for the past week just grateful to wake up.”

During the flight, she “felt the plane tilt, saw the wing directly in front of me catch fire, and basically came to grips with my own mortality. I made a deal with myself. I promised myself that if I made it through, that I would no longer try to escape the moments of my life,” she wrote.

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“So I’ve entered the phase of my life where every moment is truly precious,” she added. “All the mundane ‘crippling’ anxieties I once let dictate how I functioned have dissipated. I was jolted awake and awake is where I need to stay in order to live authentically. As cheeseball as that sounds. It resonates at true. To me. As you were – FBC.”

According to CNN, Air France issued a statement confirming that one of its planes, during a flight from Paris to L.A., suffered “serious damage to one of its four engines,” and was forced to make an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Labrador.

“The regularly trained pilots and cabin crew handled this serious incident perfectly,” notes the Air France statement.

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