Unspeakable tragedy resulted when a crazed gunman armed with automatic weapons opened fire on the audience at a Las Vegas music festival on Sunday, taking the lives of 59 and injuring hundreds more.

The horrific incident looms especially large at live concert performances for both concertgoers and the performers on stage, and Katy Perry addressed the shooting during Friday night’s concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden, the latest stop on her Witness World Tour.

“My wish is for some freakin’ peace! Don’t ya think?” Perry told the crowd as she prepared to  sing her 2012 hit “Part of Me”, reports People.

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Perry, 32, thanked the audience for coming out to see her during this fearful, tragic time.

“This is one of my favourite songs to sing — I want to dedicate it to you guys. You chose to come out and overcome this dumb fear,” said the new “American Idol” judge. “You chose to come into the community of music and to be together… and be inspired.”

Earlier this week, Perry took to Instagram to share her thoughts about what took place in Vegas, reminding fans that “what is happening in our world is not normal… it is OK to feel overwhelmed, but you do not have to feel hopeless.”

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