Josh Gad Reveals He Phones Sick Kids As ‘Frozen’ Snowman Olaf: ‘I Actually Get Choked Up’

Whether they know his name or not, Josh Gad is beloved by children throughout the world for voicing Olaf the snowman in “Frozen” — and these legions of young fans are something the actor takes lightly.

In fact, in a recent interview with Buzzfeed — shared on Facebook — Gad reveals that he’ll often phone terminally ill children as Olaf, speaking with them or leaving messages for the sick kids whose only wish is to speak to the wacky cartoon snowman.

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“I actually get choked up thinking about some of the kids that I’ve left messages for because it’s so … it’s so fleeting,” said Gad while promoting his latest film, “Marshall”. “It’s such a little thing that I do that goes such a long way for these children. But you take their mind off of it for a minute, for a day.”

As the father of two, Gad is keenly aware that what is a small gesture from him can make a huge difference in these children’s lives, improving not just a child’s day but also improving parents’ days as well.

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“Hopefully you give their parents a distraction,” said Gad. “As a parent, it’s the hardest thing to think about and, you know, I take ownership of the fact that that’s as much my job as doing the voice for commercial reasons. The fact that it has transcended that is such a wonderful thing, but it’s also really sad. I would take all of it back if it just meant that the kids could have a normal life. You know at the end of that call is another call where the child is gone.”




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