Sarah Jessica Parker Gets ‘Sex And The City’ Fans Excited With Chris Noth Instagram Love

Sarah Jessica Parker sparked “Sex and the City” fan fever with a comment on a hilarious photo of former co-star Chris Noth.

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The Mr. Big actor posted the Instagram photo from his pre-“SATC” and very hair-filled youth in response to Stephen Colbert’s #PuberMe campaign to aid Puerto Ricans in hurricane recovery efforts.

While plenty of fans expressed shock at the photo, Parker had a totally different reaction.

“Beeeeeautiful!!!!! xx,” commented the 52-year-old actress. Noth responded with a kissy-face emoji.

Fans got excited by the exchange, with one person commenting, “Nice to see the love and support between Carrie and Big still alive,” and another adding, “Carrie and Big 4 Eva!”

Other fans also agreed with Parker on Noth’s photo, with a number calling him “sexy,” and one fan saying, “Wow, just when I thought you couldn’t be any hotter.”

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The exchange came after a week of discord among the original series cast after a planned “SATC” movie sequel was cancelled.



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