Bryan Cranston Thinks President Trump ‘Has A Mental Illness’

The “Breaking Bad” star spoke to Channel 4 news about why he thinks Trump is resonating less with his followers.

“I never thought he [Trump] would be elected or make it through the first half a year,” Cranston said. “We are dealing with something that we have never dealt with before.”

The 61-year-old actor continued, saying “I think in all honesty and I don’t mean this in a flippant way, I think our president has an illness and I don’t say that to try to draw out a laugh or anything. I think he has a mental illness.”

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Cranston made it clear to explain that he used the words “I think” because, he is “not a doctor; I’m not one of those people who wish for his downfall. I want him to be successful. I honestly do, because if he is then that means that my country has improved.”

During his sit down with Cathy Newman, Cranston also shared his thoughts on NFL players taking a knee during the anthem.

“Historically, I don’t think any democratic country was formed without the sense of resistance and protest and oppression. So we owe a great deal to the theory and execution of protest, we should embrace protest, not be afraid of it,” adding “we should be able to list to protest, not turn a deaf ear to it.”

The actor’s thoughts are in direct opposition to those of the President, who recently called those taking part in the protests “sons of b**ches” and stated they should be “sacked”.

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“I think everybody tries to take ownership of what their beliefs are and impose that upon others and I think that’s wrong,” Cranston continued. “I think if you are protesting and you take a knee, I think that’s fine. If you want to stand and put your hand over your heart and sing, I think that’s fine.”

The actor is currently out promoting his latest film “Last Flag Flying” where he stars as a Vietnam vet who is reunited with his squad to bury one of their sons killed in the Iraq war. Watch the trailer below.

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