In partnership with Columbia Sportswear, Zac Efron and his brother Dylan, the brand’s new gear testers, embark on an epic climb to the top of the Continental Divide in Montana.

In a short film, the bros talk about their favourite adventures from their childhood, “I grew up in a small town surrounded by wilderness, so for me the clearest way to reconnect with myself to find myself is through the wilderness,” Zac said. “We both get kinda cooped up in our lives.”

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But conquering the Continental Divide together in the Glacier National Park was always a dream of theirs, “Literally, we climbed up the mountain,” Zac added. Dylan, 25, and Zac, 29, hiked from 5:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. “We were the last ones out there. That’s the cool thing about travelling. Every journey… you might find something incredibly special out there. This was hard!”

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The pair started off their trip at Lake McDonald before making their way to the Glacier National Park.