Maya Rudolph delivered this year’s commencement speech to the graduates of Tulane University in New Orleans, and it was every bit as hilarious as you’d expect from one of SNL“s all-time funniest alums.

“I thank you for having me here to join you on this special day in this incredible city,”; she declared at Tulane’s commencement ceremony on Saturday. “I stand here humbled, gracious and completely naked under this robe.”

In addition, Maya had some financial advice for Tulane’s class of 2015: “This is a great, great day for you,” she told the graduates. “Except for those of you leaving college with any student loan debt. I don’t know what to say to you except this: I hope you win the lottery.”;

What really brought down the house — or, in this case, New Orleans’ 70,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Superdome — was Maya’s gut-busting “interpretation”; of the “The Star-Spangled Banner,”; channeling Beyon, Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey and pretty much anyone else to ever put a multi-octave, over-the-top spin on America’s national anthem. Enjoy: