In a hilarious “Tonight Show” sketch, Jimmy Fallon returns for his spot-on impression of U.S. President Donald Trump, but this time he hires Tyler Perry’s famous character Madea as the White House’s new Communications Director.

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The skit opens on Fallon as Trump and Madea at a press conference where Madea must field some questions, like whether or not she voted for Trump, “Hell, no. I didn’t vote for Trump,” Madea exclaimed. “Only two black people voted for Trump. One was Ben Carson and the other one is the man behind him at the rallies with the sign that says ‘Black for Trump.’ I’m not one of them. I voted for Hillary three times. Thank you very much.”

And when Madea was asked her thoughts on the handling of disaster relief, she hilariously answered, “Well, have you looked at the administration? It is a disaster. And I’m the relief. Next.”

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Perry also chatted with Fallon about his new book, “Higher Is Waiting”. Watch Madea’s full sketch above.