P!nk Talks New Duet ‘Revenge’ With Eminem, Explains How She Got Him On Board

P!nk is teaming up with Eminem for the third time with the duet “Revenge”, the second single off her new album “Beautiful Trauma”.

“I love Eminem. I always have,” the singer tells ET Canada’s Matte Babel. “I think he’s a lyrical genius and I wrote him an email and professed my love to him – as I always do.”

For Eminem, flattery seemed to work. P!nk describes the contents of her email to the rapper: “‘I love you, I’ve always loved you. I love that you work with the same people over and over again, like Rihanna. She’s hotter than me, but I’m funnier,'” she laughs. “‘You have to do a song with me.'”

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P!nk, 38, reveals Eminem didn’t need that much convincing.

“He just wrote back, ‘Okay'”, she deadpans. “That’s it.”

“This is our fourth song together,” she says, losing track of how many times they have worked together. “So maybe this is our third song! I just love him.” The pair have collaborated on songs for both of their albums, with Eminem most recently joining her for “Here Comes The Weekend” off of her last album.

Though they have a history of collaboration, Pink reveals they haven’t spent any studio time together.

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“We haven’t been in the studio together,” explaining the rapper sends his vocals to her, likening his contributions to a “surprise”. “It’s so much fun.”

The second track off of “Beautiful Trauma”, P!nk says she’s excited to share “Revenge” with fans.

“I love ‘Revenge’. My mom loves ‘Revenge’ which makes me feel a little bit better about it because it’s not serious at all, so to go from ‘What About Us’ which is so serious to ‘Revenge’ is actually, to me, really funny,” the “So What” singer laughs.

“Beautiful Trauma” will be released on Oct. 13. P!nk kicks off her world tour in March 2018, with scheduled stops in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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