Leo The Intern Is A Cat Of Many Hats

Leo is a lot of things. He’s hardworking, he’s on the ball and he’s ET Canada’s newest intern.

He’s hitting the ground running and diving in to all of his new duties.

There is no task that Leo isn’t up for, and he’s turning heads, and making friends.

ET Canada’s backbone is in its storytelling, and Leo gets a chance that most interns only dream of when he brings a story to the table that wows producers and Leo finds himself in the driver’s seat of his first story.

The life of an ET Canada intern is non-stop, and you need to be able to jump seamlessly from department to department lending a hand or paw, wherever you’re needed. Leo finds himself in this position as he navigates the different roles and duties of a busy intern.


As Leo’s time as an ET Canada intern is drawing to a close, the entire team is feeling the weight of Leo’s last day and get together to make sure his final moments with the show are as memorable as the heart and soul he purred into his internship.

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