Rep Insists Nicolas Cage Is NOT Endorsing A Japanese Snack Food

The Internet went into overdrive when evidence emerged that Nicolas Cage had apparently lent his likeness to a Japanese snack food called “Nicolasticks.”

The snack was apparently part of a promotional tie-in for the Japanese release of his film “Army of One” (called “My Target, Bin Laden” in Japan), with rumours quickly spreading that Cage was serving as product pitchman for the product, called Riska.

However, a rep has released a statement to clear things up, declaring that Cage’s face on the snack packaging was strictly related to a promotional campaign for the movie, and Cage had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

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“Nicolas Cage is in no way engaged with an endorsement for the Japanese snack food brand Riska as recently reported in the news media,” said a rep for FilmNation International, the international sales agent for the movie.

“Mr. Cage had no prior knowledge that the product was being created, nor did he grant permission to use his likeness in this way,” continues the statement. “The items were created for the Japanese release of ‘My Target, Bin Laden’ (released as ‘Army of One’ in the U.S.) and bore the artwork from the film. They were limited in number and purely intended to be promotional items that would be supplied to movie ticket holders in three theatres.”

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