Mark Ruffalo Accidentally Livestreams Part Of ‘Thor Ragnarok’ At Premiere

Mark Ruffalo: accidental movie pirate?

That’s what appeared to be happening when the “Avengers” star was livestreaming Tuesday from the red carpet of the premiere of his latest Marvel movie, “Thor: Ragnarok”, which features his mean, green alter-ego the Hulk.

When it was time to go watch the movie, Ruffalo concluded the Instagram livestream — or so he thought.

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Instead, he apparently left the streaming function on after stuffing the phone in his pocket, meaning that fans who had tuned in to the livestream managed to catch the first 15 minutes or so of the movie (audio only), reports The Hollywood Reporter.

As THR reports, about 2,500 people were tuned in to Ruffalo’s livestream, which he cut off about 15 minutes into the film (it’s unclear whether the stream cut off on its own, or if somebody informed the actor that he was inadvertently pirating his own movie).

Ruffalo later admitted his goof on Twitter, issuing a joking apology to his Marvel overlords.

Meanwhile, reaction in the rest of the Twitterverse was predictably hilarious.



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