Pink Regrets Taking Sides In Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry Feud

Pink says she never should have picked sides between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in the pop stars’ feud.

The “What About Us” singer told the LA Times that it was a mistake to have chosen a team when asked during a radio interview earlier this year to declare herself “Team Katy or Team Taylor,” despite the fact that she is “not inclined toward drama and feuds and soundbites.”

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Pink picked Team Taylor.

“I should’ve just kept my mouth shut, because I don’t believe that. I don’t care. But I felt rushed and I didn’t know what to do,” Pink said. “And I paid for it, because then the next day: ‘Pink is Team Taylor.'”

The 38-year-old also thinks that music industry feuds in general have gone too far. “It surprises me how snarky it’s gotten,” she explained. “There were always these feuds between rock stars — I mean, if you like Oasis, there’s always a feud. But it’s gotten pretty bad. And we’re giving our power away by playing into it.”

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For her part, Pink generally refuses to play the feud game, despite the fact that it has been a way for certain stars to stay in the conversation.

“I’m competitive,” Pink said. “But I can’t base my self-worth off this stuff because it’s silly. I’ve chased that carrot my whole life.”

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