Michelle Pfeiffer Admits Certain Social Situations Are Like ‘Torture’ For Her

Despite being one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Michelle Pfeiffer reveals in Net-A-Porter’s weekly digital magazine The EDIT that she still suffers anxiety in certain social situations.

Speaking with her British co-star Olivia Colman in promotion of their upcoming mystery-drama, “Murder on the Orient Express”, set for release this November, the 59-year-old actress admits, “A lot of social situations are torture for me.”

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Photo: Bjorn Iooss
Photo: Bjorn Iooss

Pfeiffer, who looks sleek in white for the feature, explains, “Sometimes when you’re in a social situation where you don’t know people really well, it feels a little like you’re being interviewed all the time. It’s understandable but somewhat exhausting.”

The actress reveals that she was worried before filming her new movie alongside stars like Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Judi Dench because she was stuck filming for long days on a train. “I was slightly anxious about being trapped on the train all day long,” she says. “I need to have my own private time and space to gather myself.”

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Photo: Bjorn Iooss
Photo: Bjorn Iooss

Discussing her work alongside the film’s star-studded cast, the “mother!” star tells Colman, “Working in front of all of you, I found that intimidating. I had to really fight against wanting to play it safe and wanting to impress everyone.”

Pfeiffer, who also admits to being her toughest critic, adds that she finds it difficult watching herself on-screen. “I look back at everything and wish I’d done it differently,” the star explains. “You see everything that’s horrible. Now I don’t watch, I’m happier.”

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