Jennifer Aniston is lending a hand to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

The actress has donated $500,000 to the Red Cross and another $500,000 to the Ricky Martin Foundation following the devastation left by Hurricane Maria.

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Martin took to Twitter Thursday, to thank Aniston for her generous donation, “Jennifer Aniston U R amazing,” the singer wrote. “Thanx 4 donating $500k for our #PuertoRico relief fund. We will never forget. U R saving lives Jenn.”

Martin and his Foundation have raised over $3 million in hurricane relief efforts so far. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Alec Baldwin and Leonardo DiCaprio have all made charitable donations.

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“What you see on television doesn’t do justice to the reality of Puerto Rico. We are still dealing with four million U.S. citizens who have no power after 16 days, no medicine, no water, no baby formula, no diapers,” Martin told People magazine. “People are dying. I spoke to victims who had to bury their relatives in the backyard because no help came to them after almost 10 days. So it is a nightmare.”

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