‘Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers’ Patrick Interview: ‘Lauren Was Supposed To Be Going Home’

“Survivor” is back on Global! Each week ET Canada will be interviewing the latest castaway voted off the island.

After botching the immunity challenge and sending his tribe to Tribal Council, Patrick Bolton may have briefly worried he might be the third castaway to see his torch get snuffed — until Devon assured him he should have no worries, because even though Lauren wants him to go, the tribe is going to be voting her off instead

Or at least that’s what Patrick thought going into Tribal Council, until finding himself sandbagged when he realized it was he and not Lauren who’d received the votes.

As he watched host Jeff Probst snuff his torch, PatrickPatrick was shocked to find himself there, and unleashed himself on his tribe-mates, “You guys are awful.”

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“This is the worst sting I’ve ever felt,” said Patrick. “I had no idea it was coming. I had total trust with Ryan, Devon and Ali. I hope you guys don’t have a very successful game because you’re liars and it really hurts me that you would not keep your word. It’s too early in the game for me to leave and this has been devastating.””

Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved
Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

After the dust settled, ET Canada caught up with Patrick to get his take on what led him to voted off.

That reaction was epic. What was going through your head as the votes were being read?

“As the votes were being read, I was so shocked at seeing them be read by Jeff, it was just a shock to me. Lauren was supposed to be going home, I was not supposed to be going home. My game should have been longer. It’s unfortunate, my stomach started turning… I just didn’t make it because of Lauren, and I was very frustrated by that.

If you could go back to that Tribal Council, how would you argue to keep yourself in the game?

“If I could go back to that Tribal Council, and I knew before the votes were cast that I was going to be the one going home if I didn’t change things, I would have told them, ‘I know you guys think I’m joking around and you think this is just all fun and games, but I’m here to be a competitor in the challenges, and I’m here to work with you guys and you guys can trust me, because you don’t know what Lauren’s doing. She’s not fitting in with this group. I can talk with you guys, and I can work together with y’all, where Lauren cannot. She doesn’t fit in this group right now. I’m going to be so trustworthy to you guys, I just wish y’all would take the time to realize you’re making a mistake. Lauren is getting in your head and you’re not making a good decision if you vote me off. Because we’re going to be able to win challenges with me, even though I did lose the last challenge. It was just a small mistake on my end, I should have switched even though I didn’t. I just apologize for anybody’s feelings that I upset. I promise you guys I will calm down, and not go idol-crazy as we go further in the game so we can work together better.’ And then they would change their minds and I would get to be on the next episode.”

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So how socially aware do you think you were out there?

“I was not socially aware enough, to say the least. I went in obviously knowing that I need to become friends with everyone and be able to make alliances. I thought I did so pretty well in the first several days. We made a guys’ alliance that the girls will not vote us off. So I thought that was a good start. I thought that was good to get that out of the way. I wasn’t really clicking with Lauren and Simone. Obviously we worked together, we tried to be friends but we butted heads a little bit, Lauren more than Simone. Getting closer to that final Tribal Council, you know, I just wasn’t socially aware of Lauren really being upset with the way I was acting or how I was frustrating her. But she’s a 40-something, I’m a 20-something, she’s not used to the commotion, she’s probably got a more reserved lifestyle, especially being a single mom coming from being at home and now missing your daughter and being on an island and in the middle of the day being hungry, being tired, and having this strange redheaded guy — especially a strange redheaded guy that you could never trust in your life — I could understand why she’s a little frustrated. But you know, I didn’t care to cultivate that relationship because I didn’t think I needed it. And that was my mistake. I should have done that.

What did you learn about yourself playing “Survivor”?

“I learned that I need to be more aware of people’s emotions and people’s social needs as far as just making sure that I’m not frustrating people. I did not intend to frustrate Lauren… it was just unfortunate.”

So how well do you think you would have done after a tribe swap?

“If there would have been a tribe swap I would have been fine. Going in, I wasn’t playing as strategic at the beginning just because I didn’t think I needed to. I thought that we were golden, we had Simone and Lauren, which, in talking with Ryan, Ali and Devon, we had discussed that if two people were to go home, it would be first, one of them, and second, one of them as well. So I didn’t think that it would be me. So right about the start of Tribal Council I started seeing how serious the game was turning and I should have been playing a lot more game and really talking strategy. That’s what got me kicked out at the third Tribal. But going forward, I think I would have worked well with the other cast members. There were a lot of great personalities I was looking forward to meeting on the show and unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to do so on the show, I had to meet them after… but I think if I had gone forward I would have been fine.”

Who do you feel betrayed by the most?

“I feel betrayed equally by Ryan and Ali. Ali because I went to college with her, and I trusted her going through this game. She told me she was going to let me know if anything was going to happen to me. She did give me a few warning calls, but she did not give me the final buzzer of, ‘Hey, you’re going home, try to do something to save yourself.’ I wish she had done that. Ryan super-convinced me I wasn’t going home, and I really dislike him for doing that. Again, I am friends with everyone off the show, I understand that’s what they needed to do, but I was pissed in the moment. It was unfortunate I got knocked out.”

What was it like being at home watching the episode?

“It was like I was reliving the experience. There’s so much emotion going through your mind when you’re going through the experience actually being there, but since it’s such an emotional standpoint, such an emotional chapter in your life, you can take yourself back into those moments and actually step in the same places you were stepping in before, because you can visualize literally anything and everything that happened in those serious moments of Tribal Council, in competition. So I got to relive the experience. It definitely brought back the frustration and the anger, knowing that I was going home, which only lasted briefly and I was back to being good. It’s just unfortunate that I had to go home.”

Would you play again if they asked?

“If Jeff calls me, I’m definitely gonna play again. And I’ll be, like, ‘Where do I go next?'”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.



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