The Rock Sends Touching Message To Terminally Ill Grandmother

If you send an email to Dwayne Johnson asking for a special favour on behalf of your terminally ill grandmother, don’t be surprised if he responds.

That’s what we learned from a recent Instagram post from The Rock, when he filmed a response to an email he received about Judy Rosenberg, a 76-year old mother and grandmother who is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

The grandmother of 17 — who apparently has a “potty mouth” — is a huge fan of the wrestler-turned-movie star, and takes comfort from a cardboard cutout of Johnson next to her hospital bed.

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Responding to the email, Johnson outlines a few requests she made — including that she send him some air kisses and calls her “sexy.”

“Judy, you’re beautiful, you’re clearly sexy,” Johnson said. “Myself and the millions of people who are watching this are sending you all the love and all the positive energy in the world. We love you. Stay strong.”

Sharing the video on Instagram, Johnson wrote: “This kind of stuff will always be the best part of fame.”

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