When The Grateful Dead sang about what a long, strange trip it’s been, they could have been referring to Randy Quaid’s strange life over the past few years, a journey that’s taken him from respected, Oscar-nominated thespian to oft-arrested fugitive whose rants about Hollywood “star-whackers”; and bizarre antics have led many to question his sanity.

The latest chapter in this odd odyssey finds Quaid just released from a Montreal jail after being arrested last week.

According to Global News, the National Lampoon’s Vacation star and wife Evi have been living “under the radar”; in Montreal since early 2013. Quaid was placed under arrest on Thursday when the actor — who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest after he missed a scheduled 2013 meeting with the Immigration and Refugee Board — was recognized entering a house.

The 64-year-old actor — who now sports a long, greying beard — had fled to Vancouver in 2010 after facing several criminal charges in the U.S., and sought refugee status in Canada by claiming his life was in danger from “Hollywood star-whackers”; that he feared would assassinate him.

Quaid was released from detention today when his father-in-law agreed to put up a $10,000 bond. In addition, terms of his release include ensuring he keeps the Canada Border Service Agency apprised of his whereabouts.