Howard Stern discussed the numerous Harvey Weinstein sexual assault claims on his SiriusXM radio show on Monday and insisted he “knew the film producer was lying” when he interviewed him back in 2014.

Stern, 63, admitted that he quizzed Weinstein three years ago about whether or not he ever got to experience the “mogul aspect” of the industry.

The host then rephrased: “You can’t walk into the room, pull your pants off and say ‘Okay, honey let’s talk business.'”

“Every girl knows that if she’s a competent actress, if she could get on your good side, you could make her a star over-f–king-night. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work like that,” he added.

“Howard, I wish,” Weinstein, now 65, said at the time. “The movies are too expensive, the risks are too great. It doesn’t happen that way anymore.”

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“John Frankenheimer, you know the great director, told us stories about his day in the movies. We were born way too late,” Weinstein went on, with him even adding: “Really — I hate to disappoint you.”

As he discussed the chat with his listeners, Stern has now insisted: “I knew he was lying. I knew it.”

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Stern’s comments come after Kate Winslet, 42, admitted she had no intention of thanking Weinstein while accepting the Best Actress gong for “The Reader” at the 2009 Academy Awards.

“I remember being told ‘Make sure you thank Harvey if you win.’ And I remember turning around and saying, ‘No I won’t. No I won’t,’” she revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Saturday. “And it was nothing to do with not being grateful.”

She insisted: “If people aren’t well-behaved, why would I thank him?”