Tempers And Temperatures Rise As ‘The Bachelor Canada’ Heads To Costa Rica

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Oct. 18 episode of “The Bachelor Canada”.





After saying goodbye to five women on night one, Chris Leroux and his remaining Bachelorettes are off to Costa Rica for some fun in the sun – well, for the most part.

As the ladies settle into their new beachfront digs, they finally have the chance to truly size each other up. Though they largely bond with one another, one housemate in particular seems less than impressed. “I expected there to be more high-quality women in the house,” Shanti says to the camera.

Chris seems to disagree, picking Lyndsey for his first one-on-one date: a private flight over an active volcano. But the romantic (and slightly dangerous?) escapade quickly gets serious when 33-year-old Chris learns that his date is 10 years his junior. “I can’t lie, it’s a little disappointing because 23 is young,” Chris admits. However, after discussing his feelings later in the date, he’s able to move past his hesitance and offers Lyndsey a rose.

Later, Chris gets to know more of the women with a group photoshoot date on the beach. Some of the shots turn out fun – like Brittany W.’s “Baywatch”-themed setup – while others are a bit more awkward – namely Lisa’s, wherein her mobility-confining mermaid tail makes for some not-so-graceful stills.

Catie, however, manages to snag the first kiss with Chris during her session, sparking the envy of the other women. Mikaela, in particular, directly admits her jealousy, and later goes in for a kiss with Chris right in front of Catie. While the move earns an A+ in pettiness, it doesn’t quite translate in Chris’ books, as Catie ultimately ends up with the group date rose.

But romantic sparks aren’t the only kind to start flying. Feeling taken advantage of by the other women, Shanti calls a group meeting.

“Do you think Chris would want to marry a woman that can’t cook or clean?” she asks the house, fed up with supposedly doing so on everyone’s behalf. “If you want to act like a spoiled brat, go for it, but he’ll probably find out about how you’re behaving.”

And he sure does, after Brittany M. stirs the pot and encourages Shanti to tell Chris about this so-called “behaviour.” But in discussing her feelings with Chris, she also lets word slip about Dee’s daughter, a detail she hadn’t yet told him directly. “My biggest fear was that you would tell him,” Dee tells Shanti emphatically.

Still, Shanti can’t overcome her issues with the other women. While discussing her “envious and jealous” competitors during some alone time later on, Chris intervenes. “I’ve spent a total of 30 minutes with you, and I’m tired of hearing about other people,” he says before ultimately sending her home, later to be joined by Ashley during the rose ceremony.

“The Bachelor Canada” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network, followed by “The Bachelor Canada After Show”​.



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