Male Radio Host Takes Pay Cut So His Female Co-Host Can Be Paid As Much As He Is

Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek co-host a radio show on KIIS FM in Sydney, Australia, and it was on International Woman’s Day back in March that she informed him that she made less money that him. A lot less.

“I found out last year that you get paid 40 per cent more than I do for doing this show,” she said on air, as reported by News Corp.

After Hughes admitted he had no idea and felt “terrible,” she quipped: “You don’t need to feel terrible. It wasn’t your fault. You were born with two oranges and a string bag.” (Yes, she’s referring to exactly what you think she’s referring to.)

As News Corp reports, Langbroek went to her bosses at the radio station back in 2016  to negotiate a higher salary on par with that her co-host. However, Hughes had already locked in his salary for 2017 when he learned of the disparity.

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As a result, Hughes insisted on taking a pay cut so that he and Langbroek would be paid the same.

With the duo now heading to a new station next year, they agreed to keep their salaries equal from the get-go when they begin their new gig at Australia’s Hit Network.

“When we go to our new job, we get pay parity,” Langbroek said on the show Tuesday. “And we’re on parity now.

“And I couldn’t be happier, obviously,” Hughes added. “You deserve it”.

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