British star Penny Lancaster broke down on today’s “Loose Women” as she opened up about being drugged and sexually assaulted in her late teens.

Lancaster, 46 – who is married to Rod Stewart, 72 – was a young model when the horrific attack took place.

Speaking to fellow panelists Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore, she explained: “I had a job with a fashion designer and, they took me on for a particular job and then they offered me an opportunity to meet some other people at an event they were going to and would I like to go.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, someone might me interested. I might me able to get some more work’, and that’s what you were out there doing as a model,” she added. “He was like I have to stop at my apartment and pick something up and we went up to the apartment.”

Moore then clarified: “This is one of the guys in the wider group now that we’re talking about, yeah?”

Lancaster confirmed and continued: “He had a bar in his apartment and he said ‘let me pour you a drink’ and I was like ‘okay.’ And unfortunately, the next thing I knew, I don’t even remember drinking the drink…”

Wiping away tears, the TV personality went on: “I found myself face down on the bed with him on top of me.”

“I couldn’t tell my mum or dad because I thought they would say to me, ‘why did you go back to his house?’ But, he was a client I had worked with and he promised to introduce me to other people.”

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She continued: “I was just naive and I trusted him, and with the series ‘Liar’, my drink was drugged and I can’t remember much of what happened but he he was on top of me and enjoying the experience but I certainly wasn’t.”

As Sawalha reached out to comfort her, Moore shared: “The mere fact that you are sitting on the show and sharing the painful experience, it is so powerful.”

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Viewers immediately took to Twitter to shower the star with praise, with one person posting: “Brave #pennylancaster on @loosewomen stay strong #penny.”

“Much love to #pennylancaster. People who speak out about these dirty predators are always going to be far better than them! #LooseWomen,” a second commented.