Amber Tamblyn Says She Believes Actress Who Accused Husband David Cross Of Racist Comments

Amber Tamblyn reached out to actress and comedian Charlyne Yi following her accusations that Tamblyn’s husband David Cross made racist remarks towards her.

The actress, who married Cross five years ago, defended her spouse on Twitter after being inundated with tweets but returned to the social media platform later to reveal that she’d spoken with Yi about the situation and believes her.

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Tamblyn would reiterate this point after a Twitter user asked, “Just to get this straight @ambertamblyn you can believe white women about sexual harassment but not POC who come 4 your husband bout racism?”

In her final tweet on the matter, the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” star concluded…

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The situation arose on Monday when Yi shared a story about meeting Cross ten years ago when she was just breaking into the entertainment business as a comedian. It’s during this encounter Yi claims Cross made racist comments about her Asian heritage.

On Tuesday, Cross reached out to Yi and responded to the accusation, saying that he didn’t remember the incident and that it sounded “WAY, way out of character.” The “Arrested Development” star later posted a lengthy statement on Twitter, again claiming that he couldn’t recall the event and that he “would never intentionally hurt someone like that.”

Tamblyn was dragged into the situation by a Twitter user who tagged her in a post.

“He said he was sorry, publicly, several times,” Tamblyn responded. “Please don’t @ me in conversations dragging my husband. Thanks.”

Yi has yet to comment since Tamblyn’s latest tweet.




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