Brad Pitt Least Profitable Actor In Hollywood, Says New Data

Looks like one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors isn’t so bankable after all.

According to a box office analysis by PartyCasino, consisting of data from 1980 to 2017, for every dollar budgeted to a film where Pitt had top billing – in other words, where his name appeared before the title of the film – the box office return was 10 cents, making him the least profitable actor in Hollywood during that period. Similarly, A-listers like Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro only drew 20 cents and 24 cents for every dollar, respectively.

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By comparison, films where Emilio Estevez received top billing generated $6.70 for every dollar spent, on average. Other profitable top-billed male actors included Jean-Claude Van Damme ($4.20), Mel Gibson ($3.50), and Tyler Perry ($3).

As for Hollywood’s leading ladies? Well, a rep for PartyCasino told The New York Post that “women, unfortunately, are less likely to be the top-billed actor for a movie,” and their data for actresses was therefore less comprehensive. They did reveal the top-billed actresses with the highest returns from the last decade: Rose Byrne, with $9.80 for every dollar, followed by Regina Hall ($3.50) and Octavia Spencer ($2.90).

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