Solange Knowles Calls Out Magazine For Photoshopping Out Her Braid: ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’

Not only is “Don’t Touch My Hair” a hit song for Solange Knowles, it’s also the message she’s sending to the Evening Standard Magazine after the magazine apparently used some Photoshop trickery to remove her large, circle-shaped braid.

Knowles, the younger sister of Beyonce, took to Instagram to let her displeasure be known, writing simply “dtmh,” apparently her way of telling the mag, “Don’t Touch My Hair”.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a copy of the magazine, in which the impressive braid has magically disappeared.

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Knowles apparently isn’t the only person involved with the cover story to be dissatisfied with the final product. The article’s author, Angelica Bastien, took to Twitter to to reveal she’s “publicly disowning” the finished piece, which she describes as “a fiasco despite my efforts” while accusing the mag’s editors of distorting her work “in ways that made me very uncomfortable.”

In a series of tweets, she continues to explain why she’s taken the drastic step regarding what is almost certainly the last piece she’ll ever write for the Evening Standard Magazine, adding that she “doesn’t want this piece attached to my rep as a writer.”

Meawhile, Knowles shared a few more photos from the profile in which she proudly displays the missing braid:

The magazine has since apologized for the airbrushing in a statement obtained by the Associated Press. The publication said Knowles’ braid was altered for “layout purposes,” but confessed, “Plainly we made the wrong call and we have offered our unreserved apologies to Solange.”

In case that wasn’t a clear enough message, she gets the point across in the video for “Don’t Touch My Hair”. Watch:

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