Jon Stewart And Breakdancing Crew Crash ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ In Surprise Appearance

Jimmy Kimmel wrapped up his week-long stint of shows in Brooklyn with a special surprise guest: Jon Stewart, who dropped in unannounced and brought a boombox and breakdancing crew with him.

“I’m in the middle of a show right now,” the fake-annoyed host told the former “Daily Show” star. “Do you remember how shows work?”

Stewart, however, had some info to relay: the Brooklyn studio from which Kimmel’s show has been broadcasting throughout the week is where Stewart and his crew — “Pop and Lox” — convene for breakdance practice every Friday.

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To settle their dispute over who gets to use the studio, Stewart challenged Kimmel to a dance off (spoiler alert: Kimmel doesn’t accept the challenge).

Instead, Kimmel lets Stewart the plug his upcoming HBO special “Night of Too Many Stars” telethon to raise money for autism programs, which in past years has featured some of the biggest names in comedy.

Kimmel also revealed his contribution to “Night of Too Many Stars”: the chance for one lucky viewer to win an “uncomfortable dinner” with Kimmel and Matt Damon, with whom Kimmel has been faux-feuding with for years.

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Damon joined Kimmel to promote the Omaze experience, which also includes tickets to a “JKL!” taping in L.A.

“Imagine how jealous your friends would be when you tell them that you and America’s most loved talk show host sat together and watched one of Hollywood’s dumbest and most disgusting actors eat sandwich after sandwich like a pig,” Kimmel quipped.

Added Damon: “The best day of your life may very well be the worst day of mine.” Watch:

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