Anyone who’s watched “The Good Place” knows that Trevor is “the forking worst,” and Adam Scott reprises his guest-starring role from the hit Global comedy in order to introduce the show’s first-ever gag reel — which is a special feature on the season-one DVD/blu-ray release, which can also be watched in the video above.

“As you know, every single one of your actions on Earth has a positive or a negative value,” explains Trevor in the introduction to the gag reel. “And actors deserve to be judged just as much as anybody else… more, actually, if we’re being honest.”

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As we can see, this is no ordinary gag reel, as actors do indeed get points deducted every time they mess up a line or ruin a scene by collapsing into laughter, as Jameela Jamil (who plays Tahani) does more than once when Ted Danson (Michael) complains that he’s “not a mountain of strength, I’m a canyon full of poo-poo.”

But Trevor has a few words of caution for anyone viewing who wants to steer clear of the Bad Place. “Actually watch this, OK” he declares. “Don’t just look at your phone and pretend to watch while you play Pokemon or whatever it is you f**king nerds do. You guys suck!”

The second season of “The Good Place” is currently airing Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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