See The Pics: Katy Perry Crashes St. Louis Wedding

One St. Louis couple had the best surprise wedding guest, Katy Perry.

According to photographer Ray of Ray Prop Photography, Perry, who was staying at the same Four Seasons as a wedding, popped by with 30 to 40 of her crew and congratulated the bride and groom Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney and asked: “Do you mind if we crash your wedding?”

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Of course, the couple agreed.

Ray Prop Photography
Ray Prop Photography

Fellow wedding-goers told TMZ the singer stayed and partied for 15 minutes before heading back up to her room. The songstress took several photos with the newlyweds and their family members. Plus, she hit the dance floor with the bride and groom.

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Ray Prop Photography
Ray Prop Photography

According to TMZ, some of her team members enjoyed the festivities after the star left.

Perry played a show the following day at a nearby stadium.

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