Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel continued their long-running feud on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday, but it turns out George Clooney also had a reason to get his own back on the host.

Clooney, 56, brought on his “manny” – a male nanny – Damon, 47, who was “introducing” Clooney and wife Amal’s twins for the very first time on television.

However, unbeknown to Kimmel, 49, Clooney also had a trick up his sleeve that he was in on with Damon.

Clooney told the audience: “The babies are here!” but as Damon made an appearance, Kimmel insisted: “I just want to make something very clear right now, they’re cheering for the babies, not for this person. Who let him in here?”

Clooney then insisted: “He’s my manny!” as Damon confirmed: “I’m his manny…it’s a nanny who’s a man.”

“You’re not a man!” Kimmel yelled, as Damon joked: “That’s not what your wife said…”

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As per usual, the spat didn’t end there, with Kimmel asking: “Based on your physique I’m guessing you’re breast feeding the children too?” while Damon hit back: “No I just wanted them to get their nap, so I brought them to a place where they wouldn’t get woken up by laughter.”

In the end, an unimpressed Kimmel insisted security take the actor away, while he asked Clooney why he would bring Damon back onto the show.

However, as Damon eventually went to get Clooney’s babies out of their pram, he ended up sticking two fingers up at Kimmel and screamed: “There they are right there…this is screw, and this is you!”

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Another part of the show also saw Clooney open up about Kimmel’s naked prank while he and Hugh Laurie were taking part in an “ER” sketch during his last appearance.

Clooney shared: “I’m not as happy as I normally am, it’s you. The last time I was here we worked on a little skit, it was about “ER.”

“Hugh Laurie shows up instead of the cast, it’s fine, it’s funny, and then you decided what would really be funny is to be naked underneath your sheet.”

Watch George Clooney and co-star Julianne Moore talk filming their dark satire “Suburbicon” in the clip below.