Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Roots take their freestyle rapping to a whole new level.

The Hamilton creator already proved he could spit impromptu rap bars on two previous segments of “Wheel of Freestyle”. Black Thought, lead vocalist of the band and one of hip hop’s most respected lyricists, needs no further proof.

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Nevertheless, they upped the ante on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show” as Jimmy Fallon took to the audience in search of keywords for the entertainers to use in their raps. Fallon’s house band incorporated the audience members’ names and details about their life in a segment of “Freestylin’ with the Roots”.

And then crowd member Olivia stood up and things got a whole lot more interesting! Fallon, 43, introduced Miranda for a special guest freestyle in Olivia’s honour.

“How does a sweet, super sweet, sweeter than the Sweet’N Low and Stevia grow up to be a sassy gal Olivia,” Miranda rapped. “Ah yeah, I’ve loved her ever since, she showed up like Adele wearing those floral prints.”

Miranda’s son, however, is harder to please than the “Tonight Show” audience. “My son doesn’t like Hamilton,” the Tony winner later told Fallon. “He likes ‘Dear Theodosia’ [from the musical] because he thinks my wife wrote it,” he continued. “She sings him to sleep with that song, so if I try to sing it, he goes, ‘You did not write that song. Mommy wrote that song.’ So he’s a harsh critic.”

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But Sebastian, 2 years and 11 months, is not always so critical of Miranda’s work. Turns out he loves the Hamilton creator’s new hurricane relief song “Almost like Praying”.

“He got up and went, ‘I am Puerto Rico! You are Puerto Rico! We are Puerto Rico! We are Puerto Rico!’” Miranda reminisced.

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