George Clooney has made a generous donation of $1 million to the Sentry – an investigative group whose aim is to put a stop to war crimes – to help kick-start their “Make Criminals Pay” campaign.

The effort focuses on fighting war crimes and criminals in Africa, which will help the Sentry continue to “follow the money” and track down war-profiting networks.

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Clooney, who is also the co-founder of the charity, said in a statement: “Our focus is to make sure that war crimes don’t pay. We want to make it more difficult for those willing to kill en masse to secure their political and economic objectives.”

“When we’re able to go after the warlords’ wallets and bankrupt those who choose the bullet over the ballot, suddenly the incentives are for peace, not war; transparency, not corruption,” he continued.

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Fellow actor Don Cheadle has also made a generous contribution to the cause.

Clooney and John Prendergast, a human rights activist, founded the Sentry in 2015.