Alec Baldwin was the top billed star at this year’s C2MTL Conference in Montreal and of course he didn’t disappoint. After acting for 35 years, Baldwin told audiences about how social media has really changed the industry and how he’s always evolving to keep himself relevant in the industry.

But in the last few years there has been something else rejuvenating the star – his wife Hilaria and daughter Carmen: “I can’t even describe to you. I got to the hotel and I was mildly depressed because I was away from my kid and wife, I am ok now (laughs).”;

Thankfully our Natasha Gargiulo was there to help him get through the pain – as the two laughed together, you could tell that Alec was a changed man. “I have my wife, we have our daughter, we are having a son in July, so my life is really different now – it’s all about that,” he reveals.

“And work is important, I am happy to be working but I tell my wife every day, I hope she makes a lot of money one day so I can stay home. I’m done,”; he says. Alec done!? Hopefully not – luckily this year we will get to see him in “Aloha” and “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”.

Plus, with his wife being a yoga instructor, Alec is good to go for years to come: “She does make me do some stuff. I take her class. I am taking her class on Wednesday. It’s her last class she’s teaching before her maternity leave.”;

Watch the sneak peek of our interview below and see the full thing on tonight’s ET Canada.